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What would you do… if you didn’t need to work again?

Financial freedom means different things to different people,
for some it’s retiring, for others it’s using your time philanthropically

What is financial freedom planning?

To live the life we want, we often focus on earning a good income, but that’s not enough if you want to keep living that way in the future. The right financial planning and investing can transform how much you will have for the future. Whether your goal is a fulfilling retirement, or financial freedom, Rosecut exists to help you make better decisions towards that goal.

The expensive world of private banking only helps structure the finances of the uber-rich in a personalised way.

For those that are just starting to build some wealth, the world of robo-advisers offers uninspiring products without personal advice and guidance.

For the internationally mobile, who live and move around the world, trying to find a wealth manager that knows how to deal with cross-border issues is nearly impossible.

We believe everyone needs bespoke advice to make better financial decisions. They need a trusted partner, who has the international expertise to manage their investments for them. With Rosecut you get control and visibility over your finances through our easy-to-use digital app and the expertise of your own advisor to guide you on your journey.

After years spent in the private banking world, I realised that the less known, but super powerful knowledge of financial planning, combined with professional investing make the biggest difference to the people at the beginning of their wealth creation journey, not those who already got there. Unfortunately, private banks only serve the latter. I would like to offer this expertise to much wider audience, and deliver our service through our digital platforms, so it is efficient, accessible and user friendly.
Qiaojia Li
Founder and CEO Rosecut

The financial freedom app

At Rosecut we bring the combination of financial and tech expertise, to give you the insights and guidance you need to make the right financial decisions for your future.

Assessing your timeline
Download our free app or set up an account on our website to be guided through a checkup of your income and expenses. Our easy-to-understand tools will show you when you could reach financial freedom.
Creating your financial freedom plan
Our digital financial planner helps you to consider all the factors that affect your financial future. With this information, we create a no-obligation plan to bring your financial freedom date closer, or increase that all important financial independence number. Depending on your situation we might suggest discussing your options with one of our financial planning specialists.
We get to work investing your money
Our investment team looks after your investment with expertise, on an ongoing basis. No more logging on 100 times to check your trades, or finding time to read up financial news. Simply leave it to the professional, and enjoy your life with more spare time at hand. See our outstanding investment performance

Ready to start your journey to financial freedom?