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Investment products

We have a full suite of account types to hold your investment portfolios. Rosecut has gone the extra mile to provide choices of currencies, custodians and portfolios to ensure investing with us suits your lifestyle and goals. The investment is designed for the long term (three years or more) to achieve the optimal return. Should you need your money back urgently, the investments can be liquidated and cash returned to you within days, no lock up, no exit fees. Start investing with us for a minimum of GBP £50,000 (or equivalent currency) across your Rosecut accounts. We offer two currency denominations for your investment portfolio in either GBP or USD.

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Stocks & Shares ISA
Tax efficient - shields your investments from capital gains and income tax
UK residents have a new £20,000 allowance each year
Your money is available and accessible
Self Invested Personal Pension or “SIPP”
Tax relief at source with an automatically 25% boost. More tax relief for higher rate taxpayers through annual return
Monitor your progress in one app/ dashboard by combining pensions
Free drawdown from age 55 with up to 25% of your pension tax-free
General Investment Account or “GIA”
Held onshore in the UK, and subject to UK tax
Unlimited investing - perfect for when you use up your annual ISA allowance
Your money is available and accessible
International General Investment Account
Held offshore in either Jersey or Liechtenstein
Often used by the internationally mobile
No investable limit
Junior ISA or “JISA”
Tax efficient - shields your investments from capital gains and income tax
Generous allowances: UK residents can subscribe a new £9,000 each year for each child until they turn 18 years old
Parent must be a client before onboarding
Fund your children’s future freedom.
Fast and Free Transfers
Transfer existing ISA plans (Cash, Stocks & Shares or LISA)
Transfer Pension Schemes or existing SIPPs. Pre-complete transfer form - you only need to review and sign electronically
Monitor all your investments in one place
Make sure you are not paying extra costs with our simple fee structure
Invested elsewhere?

No worries. You can consolidate your investment accounts to Rosecut with a full overview.

Do you have a few workplace pensions left behind? Are you aware who is managing them, creating what kind of return? How about the ISA'ss you set up in previous tax years? Are they invested?

Start your transfer to Rosecut today. We will handhold you through the process, and make the transfer as seamless as we can.

Simple three risk levels, built for long-term growth

We have devised three easy to understand risk levels to suit every investor. The recommended strategy is dictated by your investment objectives, your financial situation and your ability and appetite to take risk. The strategies vary in terms of expected risks and returns, and the asset exposure for each strategy composition.

Leave it to the professionals

Professionally managed, globally diversified portfolios used to be for the selected few, who have millions to spare. Not any more.

Our investment team looks after your investment with expertise, on an ongoing basis. We invest your money in different asset classes, geographies, industries and currencies across the markets – it’s a reliable way to help minimise your risk and maximise reward.

No more logging in 100 times to check your trades, or finding time after work to read up on financial news. Simply leave it to the professional, and enjoy doing what you really enjoy doing.

How did we do? Our track record speaks for itself.

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