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Financial freedom projection

Want to see into your future? Well, we can’t show you which car you’ll be driving in 10 years or what your kids will end up doing as a career, but we can help put some clarity around what your finances might look like.

Sure, life is probably going to throw you some curly ones along the way. Regardless, this financial calculator can help you gain an understanding of how you’re tracking, and whether you’re in a good position to deal with any surprises as they arise.

Or, maybe it just confirms that you’re smashing it and already well on your way to financial freedom. Then it's an excuse to break out the champagne. Win/win!

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Before we can see where you might be in the future, we need to know where you are now. Enter your details below and you can see an overview of your projected investable net worth to retirement and beyond.
Monthly net income
Monthly expenses
Investable assets
Our projections are based on a rate of return of between 5 and 7% after inflation. This is based on the expected asset allocation over the long run, and average asset class returns over the past 120 years. Source:
Credit Suisse Global Investment Returns Yearbook. Past performance is no guide to the future.
Your projection
This financial freedom calculator gives you an idea of how long it’s likely to take you to build up enough assets to passively fund your current living expenses. Will you be able to put your feet up and live a life of leisure in a few short years, or will you be old and grey before you can afford to take the summer off?

Ready to start your journey to financial freedom?