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Investment fees

The fees associated with investing your money affect your future net worth, and significantly. Here’s ours and what they mean

Rosecut fees

Transparency is vital to us, and our fees are no exception. We have made it simple for you to understand and to track. These are the fees you will pay if you use our managed investment services. Use of our digital planning tools is free.

Custody with custodian0.20%
Trading costs0.20%
Rosecut management fee0.60%

*fees are exclusive of VAT

Why do fees matter so much?

The difference between fees of 1% and 2% might not sound like much, but over the course of your life, this small difference could amount to a significant sum.

The illustration below shows how much would be paid in fees on an investment of £100,000 and a return of 8% per year, assuming no regular contributions, removing the impact of inflation for simplicity.

Initial investment£100,000
Investment period20 years
Annual Fees1.0%
Value at the end of the period£386,964
Total paid in fees£78,138
Initial investment£100,000
Investment period20 years
Annual Fees2.0%
Value at the end of the period£320,714
Total paid in fees£145,388
Initial investment



Investment period

20 years

20 years

Annual Fees



Value at the end of the period



Total paid in fees



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