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How we invest

What we do with your money is has the power to transform your financial future, so here’s how we aim to outperform.

Our investment strategy

Rosecut clients are invested into diversified portfolios built and managed by our in-house investment team. Whether you are targeting high growth, or a more cautious approach – our team will construct and manage the optimal portfolio for you. Constructed using inexpensive and transparent exchange traded funds (ETFs), the portfolios have outperformed in rising and falling markets. This has been achieved by the Rosecut team taking 6 to 12 month views on key factors, such as: inflation, valuations, liquidity, earnings and sentiment.

Our commitment to you


We only select the investment instruments based on their quality and cost, nothing else. We are not compensated by any of the investment providers.


We show you every step of workings, and charge one flat annual fee for managing your investments. Using cost effective ETFs gives us a better chance of delivering higher returns after fees, than many of our competitors.


Traditional wealth managers won't look at anyone with less than a million to invest.

Even then, they will hassle you with paperwork and quarterly statements. At Rosecut, we believe your journey to financial freedom starts earlier and with a modern digital approach from the start.

Our approach to Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and risk management is fundamental to Rosecut. Our framework and processes follow the best practice, and continuously adapt to our evolving business and the market environment. Your data is securely held within our database and will not be shared with any third party providers.

Your money is safe and secure

Our highest priority is keeping your information safe and secure. We use multiple layers of security, in every component of our systems, to keep your money safe, and your information private.

You are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

All data is encrypted with AES-256 and multi-layer key managment.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) by SMS or biometric identification.

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