How far are you from achieving financial freedom?

This question is one of the most important you can ask when it comes to your finances, but it’s also one of the most difficult to answer.

Gaining an understanding of what level of assets you need to fund your lifestyle is much more difficult than you’d expect, and the answer varies widely depending on what assets you have and how they’re positioned for tax.

You could bust out a spreadsheet or use (inaccurate) rules of thumb, but that’s not really going to give you true insight on what your financial future looks like.

Luckily, at Rosecut we offer a comprehensive range of tools that can help you with this. Our app allows you to input your financial information and project your circumstances into the future.

This can help you understand what things are likely to look like without any changes, and can also provide you some guidance on how investing choices can improve your future.

It’s a really important step to take, and it can help inform decisions you make today, like how much you need to contribute on a monthly basis into your Rosecut ISA in order to meet your objectives.

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